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Our Mission

Protect the K9s who protect our communities. We believe these working dogs deserve to be protected by a ballistic vest for their entire shift, just like their human partners, so that they both can come home safe together.
K9 Dax, Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, NC

Our Goal

Provide every working dog in America with a lightweight ballistic vest. The LOF Defense Systems K9 StreetFighter is used by law enforcement and special forces K9 teams globally. Its lightweight design, rapid deployment and Outlast Thermal Management Technology make the StreetFighter a versatile, comfortable harness working dogs can wear for entire shifts ensuring they are always protected when confronting a threat.

There are an estimated

working dogs in the United States.

We have protected

of them since 2018.

We still need your help.

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The need is real. The time is now.

Police K9s are incredible animals that take on so many tasks that humans just can’t do. They have the ability to detect explosive devices, narcotics, weapons, track fugitives and locate missing persons. These tasks often put the dogs in dangerous and potentially life threatening situations. In fact, the police K9s typically face a greater risk than their human counterparts since they are often sent in ahead to investigate dangerous situations. However, unlike the human officers, these K9s are not issued ballistic vests.

Sadly, most law enforcement agencies don’t have the funds to purchase protective gear for their canine members. Smaller police departments can barely afford their K9 officers, let alone ballistic vests for each of them. In fact, many agencies are prohibited from allocating funds for purchase of equipment that is not for human use.

That’s why we need your help.

Brady Snakovsky got the idea for his vest nonprofit in 2018 while he was watching A&E’s Live PD. The 8-year-old learned that most local police departments can’t afford the necessary, but expensive equipment. Working with his mother, Leah, the duo set up a GoFundMe account and started spreading the word. Today, the fund has grown and provided hundreds of life-saving ballistic vests to dogs across the country.

But Brady can’t do it alone. He needs your help—today—to equip these hard-working animals so that they and their human partners can come home safe together.

K9 Bosch, Akron PD
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