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The LOF Defense Systems K9 StreetFighter is used by law enforcement and special forces K-9 teams globally.

Purchasing this item will donate a vest in your name.

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It is essential to us that police K9 officers need to be protected their entire shift and not just when it's convenient to put the vest on. That is why we only donate the LOF Defence StreetFighter vest. The StreetFighter vest is designed so the K-9 can wear it for an extended period of time without fatigue or restricting the freedom of movement.

At the highest soft body armor protection level (level IIIA), the Armoured K9 StreetFighter vest weighs in at an average of 2.3 lbs based on average working dog weight. With an incredibly low weight armor solution combined with engineered ergonomics and Outlast Thermal Management Systems, you provide your K9 with life saving body armour that protects major vital organs, helps prevent heat exhaustion and allows your K9 to retain full agility and work drive.

The K9 StreetFighter was engineered as a lightweight, armoured tracking harness that can be worn for entire shifts without causing mobility stress, fatigue, discomfort or overheating. LOF redesigned the concept of K9 armour based-on feedback from police and military units who have lost their K9 team members in situations where time was not available to equip their dogs with the right gear. The K9 StreetFighter is used by K9 teams globally.

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Purchasing this item will donate a vest in your name.


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