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About the Mission

Our mission is simple: We believe working dogs like K9 Kratos deserve to be protected by a ballistic vest for their entire shift just like their human partners, so that they both can come home safe together.
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Brady Snakovsky

Brady's K9 Fund was founded by Brady Snakovsky, an active kid in middle school. He couldn't understand why all K9 officers were not wearing ballistic vests. After learning that these vests are not automatically issued to the K9s and are very expensive, Brady made it a mission to raise funds in order to protect those who protect us and make sure that they come home at the end of their shift.

​Brady enjoys school, baseball, amusement parks, animals, police, and hanging out with his family. When relaxing Brady loves to watch some of his favorite shows such as house flipping shows, and reruns of Dirty Jobs. He's also a YouTube junkie. He could not live without candy and string cheese! ​

Leah Tornabene

Leah is a busy mom of three and wife to a police officer. She enjoys traveling, interior design and spending time with her family. She absolutely adores all animals and hopes for her children to grow and become successful and kind adults who learn to give back and not take life for granted. ​