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Has Brady’s K9 Fund touched your life in some way? Let us know in the comments below!

I was recently appointed as the K-9 Officer for my department. Shortly after, I was paired with K-9 Xeus. Xeus and I attended a canine training academy for narcotics scent detection. Upon becoming certified as a team, Xeus and I were both eager to hit the road. Being from a small agency, I was unsure when and if we would have the funding available to purchase a protective vest for Xeus. I decided to apply for a vest through Brady’s K9 Fund. I was grateful and humbled when I received notification that we were selected as recipients of a LOF Streetfighter Protective Vest. This gave me peace of mind knowing that Xeus would now be properly protected during his tour of duty. This protective equipment is even moreessential now that we are certified as a patrol team. Thank you, Brady, staff at Brady’s K9 Fund, and all of the donors to the organization. The work you all do does not go unnoticed. The support and generosity you provide to K-9 Units throughout the country is truly humbling!

T. Webb, K-9 Officer, Pohatcong Township PD

My partner Artie and I could not be more thankful to Brady and his foundation. It brings me great satisfaction and security knowing Artie is safe. We are both able to do our job more efficiently and diligence due to the vest provided by Brady, his foundation and our donors. We've become friends with our donors and routinely check up on eachother, share stories, and pictures. Brady has allowed them to become extended family of ours. The communication between Brady's foundation and handlers is unmatched. They want nothing more than to provide vests for all working canines. The donors are amazing people whom we are also extremely grateful for. 

A. Torres, K-9 Officer, MTAPD

As a handler sending my partner into unknown threats to locate a dangerous suspect is hazardous. Knowing Kye has a donated high quality ballistic vest allows him a higher level of success to return home to my family every day.

Thomas Buchness, K-9 Deputy, Christian County Sheriff 

I have been a police officer for almost 9 years and a K9 handler 5 and a half years. I'm so grateful for Brady's K9 Fund and their mission in donating vests to handler teams across the country, in order to ensure that the K9's can be protected when they are protecting their cities that they patrol in! Back in November of 2019, my K9 partner Harlej, and I were chasing a suspect who fled after a vehicle pursuit in our jurisdiction. During the search for the suspect, I had let Harlej off leash and sent him into a heavy wooded area to locate the suspect. Shortly after sending Harlej, a single gun shot rang out. The single gun shot was for my K9 partner, Harlej. Harlej had served the City of Fishers for almost 5 years and had been with me from the beginning. I know first hand, the importance of having valuable equipment that allows me to have peace of mind whenever I deploy my K9.

Shortly after getting my second partner, Rico, I was contacted by Brady's K9 Fund who informed me that they wanted to vest my new K9 partner. I was ecstatic! I couldn't believe that an organization was willing to donate something so valuable and so meaningful. What made Rico's vest even more special to me, is that the vest came with a patch that honored my fallen K9 partner, Harlej. I was so humbled that K9 Rico and I were chosen as a recipient of Brady's K9 Fund. The peace of mind that Rico is protected when he is deployed is invaluable! I can't thank this organization enough for their time and dedication! From day one in talking with them, I knew their mission was to make sure my partner got to come home at the end of our shift! Once again, thank you Brady for your dedication and passion! To know that you're vesting K9 teams throughout the country is something special to so many of us!

Jarred Koopman, K-9 Officer, Fishers Police Department

I have been a K9 handler for 12 years and I have been blessed to work with two canine partners in my career, Titan and Casner. Casner and I received a donation of a ballistic vest by Brady's K9 Fund in 2019. Unbeknownst to us, we had been nominated  to receive a vest and one night received a phone call from a very excited Brady informing us that they had received funding for our team.  I was floored then, and still am amazed to this day about how much one  young man can change a person's life with one phone call. We live and work in an uncertain world. Our vest, a LOF StreetFighter Ballistic Vest, is custom fit to Casner and is lightweight and comfortable which means that Casner can wear it our entire working day without overheating or being stressed.I can not thank Brady and Brady's K9 Fund enough for giving me the peace of mind to know that my partner, my best friend, and the pup that I call family is protected. 

Aimee Krzykowski, K-9 Officer, Berlin Police Department

We cannot thank Brady and Brady's K9 Fund enough for supplying our K9 Officer Chip with a ballistic vest. Officer Chip has encountered quite a few calls in regards to burglary, suspicious persons, drugs and many more, which can lead to extremely violent suspects. It is great comfort to our department to know Chip is protected with a ballistic vest, as every human officer is, when he responds to calls. 

Kenny Porter, K-9 Officer, Copley PD

My K9 Partner Gali and I received our ballistic vest from Brady's K9 Fund this past year. Gali has been training in it since then, and the quality of the vest is great! I feel so much better deploying K9 Gali in dangerous situations, knowing he is protected as I am. K9 Gali didn't choose to do this job like I did, he deserves the same level of protection and safety as I do. 

Lindsay Barrett, Trooper, Ohio State Highway Patrol

A huge thank you to Brady from us and the entire Bellevue Police Department! He was able to provide a top of the line vest for my partner. Brady's K9 Fund made it simple and easy to apply and get on the list to receive such a crucial piece of equipment. Thank you again everything you do for the K-9 units around the country!  

M. Vetter, K-9 Officer, Bellevue Police Department

I can't begin to thank the folks at Brady's K9 Fund enough for what they do to keep our K9s safe! The world could use a lot more caring people like this. 

BMac, K-9 Officer

My partner, K9 Diesel, received his vest from you in December 2019. It fits great and it is so reassuring to know he has some extra protection while on duty. Thank you again for your generosity!  Your continued support of K9s across the country is greatly appreciated! 

Patrick Myers, K-9 Officer, Stow Police Department

I am a seven year handler at the department and have first hand experience with dog vests. The dogs are constantly deployed in dangerous situations, just as officers, with the threat of suspects being armed with guns and other weapons. When the dogs are deployed, they do not understand the dangers that lurk beyond them. Therefore, it is our job as handlers to protect them as best we can while allowing them to serve their purpose as a tool to law enforcement. By using a ballistic vest, the dog is a lot more effective should the situation arise that they are in harms way. Many vets have said that most dogs will be shot in the torso or body area, and the wounds are almost all survivable with a vest. We as handlers greatly appreciate the fact that we are able to send our dogs into a situation with the same  protections that are afforded to us. I want to personally thank you for your dedication to this program and helping keep our dogs as safe as possible. 

Andrew L DiSalvo, Sergeant, Kettering Police Department

We first met Brady in March of 2019. He was able to come out to our Transit Police Headquarters and meet a few of our dogs, try out the bite suit, and watch a demonstration of our K-9s. Immediately after this visit we were placed on the wait list to vest our dual purpose K-9, Kubo. Thanks to MMI Textiles and Brady's K9 Fund, we were able to vest our dog in six short months! Although Kubo had to medically retired this year our newest patrol dog, Valto, fits perfectly in his big brother's vest and wears it proudly. Working with Leah and Brady has been an amazing experience. They really care about the dogs and the handlers and we're proud to be vested by this program. 

Dennis Harmon, K-9 Officer, Cleveland Transit Police

Brady's K9 Fund provided us a vest in March 2020. Communication was excellent, and the process with LOF was quick and easy. Brady got us the highest quality of you can ask for when it comes to vests for K9s. We are extremely thankful for Brady.

Josh Teter, Deputy, Curry County Sheriff Office

The times in this country have changed a lot. Unfortunately not for the best. We have watched the media and many other people in this country turn a blind eye to the truth! The truth being is that we are the Good Guys! They cannot ruin our faith in that. We are stronger than that. We will still keep responding whenever we are called and when people need our help. It's what we do. The K9 ballistic vests that you supply our partners with is the best I've ever seen or used. Without your generosity and the people who fund your program this vital piece of equipment would have been gone without. Bottom line, you keep our dogs safe! For all the people that donate, we appreciate your support. Just knowing some good people out there do care keep us going! We all thank you! 

J. Calder, K-9 Director, Schenectady County Sheriff Office

My partner, K9 Smoke, received a ballistic vest from Brady's K9 Fund on behalf of an extremely generous donor. When Smoke is on the front line, protecting me and my fellow officers, I now know Smoke, too, is protected himself. As his handler, prior to any deployment, I ensure to suit Smoke up and protect my partner as he protects me. 

E. Rhode, K-9 Officer, Ocean City Police Department

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  1. I believe in this wonderful cause! Thank you for bringing this to the public's attention.

  2. Our officers and K-9's need our support more than ever. Brady thank you so much for hard work supplying our K-9 officers with vests. You have done an amazing job.

  3. We are honored to donate to this great cause. ​Cheers to Brady for being so involved at such a young age. ​We hope all K9s receive their bulletproof vest to keep them as safe as possible.

  4. What a wonderful organization you've created Brady and Mom! May all the wonderful K9's get their much needed vest. Thank you!

  5. Police canines are truly one group of our nation's heroes. Let's help Brady reach his goal of helping protect every canine in our nation be protected by a bullet proof vest to ensure their safety. ​Many blessings to you Brady!

  6. Brady how kind of you to think of a way to help protect the K-9 dogs that help protect us and the officers they are assigned to! Your attitude of giving and sharing is so much admired! Great job and good luck raising more money.

  7. I love dogs; their special dedication their dedication to humans deserves more - Thanks for this wonderful fundraising idea and for all your time to make it successful.

  8. You're an amazing young man! You are going to change the world. Thank you for keeping our K9 "officers" safe!

  9. Everyone who puts themselves in harms way deserves all the protection they can get...even the animals! Good job, buddy!

  10. Thank you for creating this fund and making sure the four legged officers on the force are safe.

  11. My K9 was recently given a vest from yall. K9 Hondo loves his vest. We are very grateful for the amazing work yall do. Thank yall very much for the amazing vest. K9 Hondo trains in his vest and we wear it out when we do our pr. We have also been wearing it on all of our deployments. Thanks yall. Stay safe and stay humble.

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