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StreetFighter K9 Vest: The King of Police Dog Protection

July 11, 2021

At Brady’s K9 Fund, we want the greatest protection for our K-9s. Police K-9s are hardworking, loyal and impeccably trained dogs that deserve the best tactical armor on the market. That’s why Brady’s K9 Fund partnered with the LOF Defence Systems, a leader in body armor and creator of the state-of-the-art StreetFigher K-9 vest.

LOF Defence’s K9 StreetFighter vest is equipped with many features to ensure our sponsored working dogs are safeguarded and comfortable when patrolling the streets. Here’s an in depth look at the LOF K9 StreetFighter vest, the only body armor we trust to protect our working dogs.

LOF Defence StreetFighter Vest

The Canada-based LOF Defence specializes in state-of-the-art body armor. Not only does LOF Defence strive to go beyond survivability with its vests, the tactical company aims to increase comfort, fit, and structural performance too. This allows law enforcement, K-9 units, military and special forces to be more effective and perform with improved confidence.

For K-9 Units, the LOF Defence StreetFighter vest is king. In fact, it’s the favorite choice of law enforcement K-9 handlers across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. While the StreetFighter vest uses a minimalist design to keep the dog agile and driven, the vest doesn’t minimize protection over the dog’s major vital organs. It’s the perfect balance of functionality and survivability.

Top Features and Benefits of the Streetfighter K9 Vest

The StreetFighter K9 vest was designed using feedback from police and military personnel who previously lost their K9s in hostile situations. Using scenario-based feedback, LOF Defence created a ballistic vest equipped with innovative features and benefits. Here’s a look at what the vest provides our police dogs.

Top features

  • Life-saving soft body armor rated at ballistic protection level IIIA 
  • Integrated Outlast™ thermal technology helps regulate body heat keeping K9s cool and comfortable 
  • Average vest weight is 2.3 lbs 
  • Compatible with attachments for rappelling, rope work and aerial insertion/extraction equipment 
  • Buoyant harness and armour


  • Minimalist design allows vest to be donned and doffed quickly 
  • Designed to be worn for extended periods without K-9s suffering from fatigue or restriction in movement 
  • Regulates the K9’s body temperature preventing them from overheating 
  • Fully protects a K-9s vital organs

Why We Recommend the LOF Defence Vest

Many K-9 vests on the market are outdated and impractical. They are heavy and bulky. K-9s quickly tire and overheat, and K-9s lose their range of motion, agility and drive. Oftentimes, even if a police dog is issued one of these old-style vests, the handler won’t use it because the K-9 performs so poorly while wearing it. Thus, the police dog is left vulnerable and unprotected.

Brady’s K-9 Fund only donates LOF StreetFighter K-9 vests because we know this vest provides the best protection for police dogs. Because it is lightweight, ergonomic and packed with plenty of features that allow police dogs to perform at their best, we know handlers will always dress their K-9s with this vest before hitting the streets.

If you would like to make a difference in a police K-9’s life, please go to our donations page or click on the button below. Every donation goes toward providing police dogs with a LOF StreetFighter K-9 vest. No contribution is too small.

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