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After years of contributing to tax-deferred 401(k)s and IRAs, income tax is due on that money when you take withdrawals in retirement. Annual withdrawals from traditional retirement accounts are required after age 73, and the penalty for skipping a required minimum distribution is 50% of the amount that should have been withdrawn. However, if you are in the fortunate position of not needing your distribution for living expenses and are charitably inclined, you can avoid income tax on your required withdrawal by donating your money directly to a qualifying charity.  Please talk to your financial advisor on how to donate your required minimum distribution to Brady’s K9 Fund.

Get your cool Brady’s K9 Fund logo gear to support our mission!

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There are many ways you and your co-workers can support our mission!  Often times, the goal is to raise enough to sponsor a vest for one K9 in need = $1,200.

Matching Gift

If your employer participates in a matching gift program, your company will match the contributions that you donate to a charitable organization.  Ask your employer for a matching gift form or complete it online if your employer has one.  Brady’s K9 Fund  is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and our EIN is 83-3277164.

Hold a Workplace Fundraiser!

Get a committee formed and hold a fundraising day at the office.  Here’s a few ideas for easy and fun fundraisers to do at work:  Casual Day, Parking Spot Challenge, Cook Off … so many things you could do at work to raise funds for K9s!

Online Fundraising Page

Create an online fundraising page and allow people to give online! Brady’s K9 Fund has set up peer-to-peer fundraising sites online for supporters.  Once your fundraising event proposal has been approved by us, we will set you up with a branded online fundraising page.

When you include Brady’s K9 Fund in your will or other estate plans, you help us continue our mission to protect those four-legged heroes who protect us.

In preparing your will, estate plan, or living trust, it’s important that you give specific information to ensure your wishes are carried out.  To avoid confusion we suggest the inclusion of this specific language in your plans: “I give (specific amount of property, percentage, or residue) to Brady’s K9 Fund, 8988 West 130th Street, Strongsville, Ohio, 44136, for its general purposes to provide equipment and other support to law enforcement K9s nationwide.”

After you have included Brady’s K9 Fund in your estate plans, please let us know by submitting our Planned Giving Advisement Form online advising us of your plans.  If you or your estate planner have any questions, please contact us at

If you prefer, download the Planned Giving Advisement Form and return to us at your convenience.

Brady’s K9 Fund thanks you for your interest in becoming a Community Fundraiser and hosting a 3rd Party, independent fundraising event. From dog walks and lemonade stands, to casino nights and car shows, creative fundraising events such as yours are important in our efforts to raise funds and awareness to ensure America’s K9 officers have the protective gear and other services they need while protecting the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Fundraiser?

A Community Fundraiser is a proud supporter of the VIK9s mission and wishes to hold their own, 3rd Party fundraising event to benefit Brady’s K9 Fund.

How do I get started with my event for Brady’s K9 Fund?

All events must be approved by the Brady’s K9 Fund Board of Directors. Please read through the guidelines on page 4-7, complete and sign the Brady’s K9 Fund Community Fundraiser Event Guidelines and Event Proposal Form at least 30 days prior to your event and send it back to us for review. See the fundraiser ideas we have on page 8 of this document!

Can I use the Brady’s K9 Fund name and logo to advertise my fundraiser?

We do not authorize the use of our name or logo to advertise your fundraiser but we do offer a PROUD SUPPORTER logo to use once your form is reviewed and fundraiser is approved.

Do you offer online fundraising sites for community fundraisers to use?

Yes! Brady’s K9 Fund has online, peer-to-peer fundraising sites set up for you to raise funds for K9s online! Once you submit your event form and it’s approved, we will help you set up your page and then you are ready to start fundraising! (Please note that using the online fundraising platform incurs payment processing fees of 2.9% + 30¢/transaction. This fee is deducted from the total amount raised before we receive the funds.) Online fundraising pages can only be used for online donations and stay open for a maximum of 30 days.

Ideas for Fun and Easy Events to Help Raise Funds for K9s!

  • School-Wide Coin Drive: “Collections for K-9s” or “Coins for K-9s”
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Community Dinner
  • Silent Auction
  • Sketch & Sip: Gather friends, bring a beverage and make a painting all in one session.
  • Car Wash
  • Guessing Game: How Many Dog Treats are in the Jar? Same idea as ‘guess the number of jelly beans in the jar’, but use dog treats. Enter a guess for $1 or 7 guesses for $5.  The closest guesser gets donated prizes.
  • K-9 Appreciation Event: Invite a K-9 to do a demonstration. Have your volunteers bring individually wrapped desserts, and 2-liter bottles of soda and cups. Sell refreshments. Hold a raffle. Have photos with the K-9 team: charge $5.00 per photo (set limited hours, as per the handler’s indication on the dog’s ability to handle the photo sessions).
  • Bowl-A-Thon: Bowl 1-3 games. Sponsor a player’s scoring pins by a penny, nickle, dime, quarter, dollar! – or pledge flat fee.  Increase the odds:  ask the police officers to play against your fundraising team!
  • Skating Party: Ask skating rink to donate ice time. They get skate rental fees. Ask pizza parlor, others to donate food. Fundraiser is skating fee admission, food proceeds.
  • Matching Gift Program: A pet business (groomer, pet store, vet, etc) offers a matching gift for all donations for Brady’s K9 Fund received at their business during a specified time period (ie: a month or two), they match up to a maximum match of $XXX (ie: $600 or ?).
  • Dedication Wall of Shepherds: Have cutouts of German Shepherds, for $1.00 donation, the shepherd goes on the wall or window of the business. Donors are encouraged to write a dedication on the cut-out (ie; in honor of____, in loving memory of____, Happy Birthday _____, etc.).
  • Blanket the Walls With Love: The same as “Dedication Wall of Shepherds” above, but use heart-shaped cutouts.
  • Identification Micro-Chip Implant Day/Vet Clinic Fundraiser: All profits/percentage of profits are donated to Brady’s K9 Fund.
  • Pet Walk Fundraiser
  • Golf  Tournament Fundraiser
  • Restaurant Percent Donation Potential: Percentage donation potential from your local restaurants.
  • Run a Marathon:  Obtain pledges for the event to Brady’s K9 Fund.
  • Dress Down Day: Give students or employees the option of wearing casual clothes outside of their usual dress code in exchange for a cash donation.
  • Workplace Mini-Golf: Turn your workplace into a miniature golf course by setting up greens that snake through the office. Include ramps and sand traps to tee up extra excitement. Set up foursomes. Award prizes for lowest score.

The best way to vest a K9 officer. Become a sponsor today and help protect our K9 officers!

For a donation of $1,200, you can sponsor a protective vest for one K9 in need.  Donors interested in sponsoring a vest for a specific K9 in need, please contact us at (518) 364-4741 to confirm that the department you wish us to earmark your sponsorship for is able to accept donated vest(s).

Sponsor a Vest

Help support our mission with a one-time or recurring donation, of any amount.

Individual and monthly gifts other than the full donation amount of a vest sponsorship will be deposited into our general fund towards the next K9 in our queue.

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